Fines and replacement costs

Some of you may be surprised at what it can cost you to return library books late or to replace a lost item.  However, rest assured that the Libraries do not profit from these charges.  Our system of overdue fines, replacement charges and other sanctions is in place to encourage the timely return of library material to maximize availability and fair access to library resources. The replacement charge of a book or other library item includes: 

  • the replacement cost of the lost item, to be calculated based on current or average cost


  • the overdue fine to a maximum of $20, non-refundable
  • a non-refundable processing fee of $20

At first glance, the replacement cost may not seem like the lowest price. Although a bookseller may offer the same book for far less than we are charging, the story is far more complicated.  The cost on a bookseller’s website may not be for a new book. The book may or may not be in good condition.  The price may be for a format different from what was lost (for example, paperback versus hardcover).  Also, shipping, handling and duty significantly increase the total cost.  For foreign dealers, shipping to Canada may not be an option. Finally, sometimes the book is not available in the end and we have to start the search process all over again.  Therefore, when replacing a book, the Libraries choose the surest way to obtain a new copy of an item. 

For more information, please see our Fines Information page at: .

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