Why can’t you pay fines online?

You wrote:

Unless the library offers a way to pay fines online, I don’t see the point in not allowing patrons, faculty for instance, to use their library accounts to order or renew books. Being told one has no access because of excessive fines in the order of $5.00 seems a waste.

It isn’t that I don’t want to pay, I’m happy to pay for the excellent services the Concordia library offers. It’s that I’m not *in* the library: much of my library use is virtual now.

Thank you for your kind words regarding the library’s excellent services. It is really unfortunate, but due to some technical limitations, we are unable to provide online payment services at this time.
The Libraries apply fines so that users return books on time.  This gives other users a chance to borrow the books.  For more information on fines, please see our fines information page

The good news in all of this is that although users are blocked from borrowing activities, they can still access the Libraries’ online resources, that is e-books, databases and electronic journals.

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