What’s New with Noise?

You wrote:

As the new school year approaches, what changes will the library be implementing to reduce noise problems?

Thank you for checking in on this important topic. Rather than implementing any major changes, the Libraries will be actively enforcing and reenforcing the current quiet study program. This program has already significantly reduced problems with noise, and the situation will continue to improve with your participation.

For those of you who are newer to the Libraries or to this thread, here is a summary of what is involved in our quiet study program:

  • Designated Study Zonessilent Blue Zones  and quiet Orange Zones. Be sure to choose the area that works best for you.
  • Starting the second week of classes, regular walkabouts by library staff to ensure that the Study Zones are being respected and understood.
  • Options for assistance when problems arise:  talk to staff at one of our service desks or use Ask a Librarian to talk online with someone in real time.  After library service hours, you can also contact a security agent.

This year as we welcome new and return students to the Libraries in the first few weeks of the semester, postcards with information about our noise and food policies will also be available at the Welcome Desk or entrance of each of our two libraries. Thanks again for giving us the chance to spell it all out one more time.

2 thoughts on “What’s New with Noise?

  1. Anonymous

    There’s nothing new with noise. Concordia is a high school as far as the library goes. Answering the phone in the library is also common practice. Sure the floor of the library covers a large area but no one should answer before leaving, period.

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