Library Entrance: What do YOU think?

We are actively seeking your ideas about the Webster Library entrance area. In case you missed the What’s New announcement about this topic, we’re posting it again here to make sure you get a chance to respond:

We need your feedback! Share your thoughts about the Webster library entrance area (along the atrium on LB2). Suggestions may be about functions (picking up books, new book display, information desk, study space, furniture), aesthetics (signage or display panels, artwork, plants, etc.) and any other idea you would like to share with us.

Please send your ideas through our suggestion box form or fill the blue sheet consultation form you will find at any service desk in the Webster Library.

Thank you for taking the time to write a few sentences to help us to create a warm and inviting entrance area in your library! Your ideas will be considered and discussed in a focus group session, as well as by library staff and administration.

If you are interested in participating in a focus group later on during the fall semester please let us know, and provide your name and email in your message.

We look forward to hearing from you.

8 thoughts on “Library Entrance: What do YOU think?

  1. Anonymous

    Two weeks after posting this article and providing forms at service desks did not seem to bring in a lot of responses. Please let me know if I am wrong. It looks like this issue is not a priority for the students or other users. Maybe the library should consider consulting with a designer to help out.

  2. Anonymous

    The entrance/exit lanes seem to confuse a lot of students. When exiting the library, students will turn right as soon as they past the handrail, and then continue down the left side of the staircase.

  3. Anonymous

    A space to hold student exhibitions as well as author
    talks on library science and textual research.

  4. Anonymous

    More sitting space and maybe a few tables for “on the
    spot” study (ex: for when you want to quickly review
    something or send a document to a teacher). +
    Electrical outlets because there aren’t enough in the
    personal study areas…

  5. Anonymous

    Put some study carrels right at the entrance, across from circulation and the new reserve room. This might help students recognize that this is a library and help with the noise problem if they see their peers studying as soon as they walk in.
    Also, 24h security or a team that walked the study sections at least once an hour would help remind students that this is a place for studying and research, not a cafeteria.
    PS: Could we please get the no cell-phone signs back in the foyer?

  6. Anonymous

    I realize that it is about as realistic as asking you
    to build a “cone of silence” (remember the old Marwell
    Smart “Get Smart” show?), but it would be really
    awesome to build a small room (sound proof through the
    use of 2 sheets of glass with air between them?) in
    which students could make cell calls.

    Instead of continuing to try to fight the use of
    phones in the library (is that a reasonable goal?)
    let’s work together by creating a safe phone-noise

    You could go to the Engineering dept and find a prof
    willing to make the design into an class assignment
    (ask the Chair) and offer a scholarship to the winning
    idea. Cheaper than hiring a consultant!

    This way the stress levels of the librarians who spend
    valuable time chasing away cell phone users could be
    brought down to healthier levels.

  7. Anonymous

    maybe move one of the printer stations and the “10 minute” computers there? Quick print… run in and out.

    make me REALLY happy and put the machines that recharge the printer cards to the entrance instead of downstairs. I always seem to find out my card is empty when I am late and need to print ONE page!

    maybe put copiers & scanners & staplers & hole punches… didn’t there used to be a copier there?

    I like the (previous) idea of chairs & tables for laptop use. It would be great if that area could be used by people who need to do groupwork instead of a blue-zone like the computer bays on the 2nd floor.

    of course… it is a nice space as it is… wide and open gives a nice sense of the space rather than crowding the entrance.

    I like all the above ideas, except the one who said no one is interested and we need to hire an outside person. With all the smart people working at the library, I don’t think you need a consultant, you just need to engage the staff in a good brain storm.

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