Self-checkout machines, where are you?

Two of you recently wrote about the self-checkout machines. Here are excerpts:

I am really disappointed to see the self-checkout computers moved away from the entrance. I use them all the time, as opposed to the circulation desk which I only go to if I have to pick up ILL books, etc. It really defeats the purpose of quick check-out if they are not strategically located very close to the exit…..

….and another note from the summer:

Neither self-check-out machine has worked for weeks now (one doesn’t react when we touch the screen, the other won’t read the card). It isn’t the first time I notice this happening, and yet no one seems to do anything about it…

Thanks to both of you for writing about the self-checkout machines at Webster library. Though it may not exactly look that way at the moment, both self-checkout machines are currently in working order, and they do actually belong closer to the exit of the library.

We did have some problems with one of the self-checkout machines earlier in the summer, but that has been repaired.  Note that sometimes it can seem as if the screen of one or the other of the machines is not reacting, when it is actually in sleep mode. Wait a few minutes after you enter your card and the screen should ‘wake up’. 

Recently, due to our carpet installation project in the library entrance, we had to move both machines away from their usual location and to the area near the 2nd floor stairs on the Bishop side of the library.  This is a temporary location only, and one of the machines is marked “out of order” as there is only enough electrical capacity to accommodate one.

The two self-checkout machines are now set to be reinstalled near the exit, though this time closer to the Circulation Desk.  The move unfortunately entails some rewiring work, but we are aiming to have both machines permanently located and in full working order by about two weeks from now.  Thanks in advance for your patience, and keep letting us know what you think.

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