Eat and run

You wrote: 

It was a great idea to add ”dining tables” section at each floor of the Vanier library. It was annoying to have to leave the library only to eat a sandwich.  However, I noticed several students use those tables to do school related work (and stay there for long hours!), instead of just eating and then leave. Is it possible to a) Make it clear for everyone that the purpose of the tables is to have a quick lunch b) add a second table to every floor?

Thank you!

Thank you for your comment and suggestions.  It’s nice to know that students appreciate having that space.  There should be a sign at each table with a message that these tables are to be used for eating. Maybe the signs have disappeared or they do not convey the message clearly.  We will look into it. Also, the Director of the Vanier Library is looking to find some new furniture that will make the space comfortable enough to have a quick snack but not so comfortable for studying.  Hopefully these actions will make a difference.

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