Speaking of Noise

Here is some of what you have had to say about noise lately:

As opposed to last year, the orange section in the Webster library has gotten very loud. I seem to remember there being ‘monitors’ of some sort that
would come around and make sure the noise level wasn’t too high and that people weren’t bringing in food. This makes it very distracting to work in the library, as this is supposed to be a quiet zone, and I feel like I’m sitting in a cafe.  Why is there nothing being done to monitor these things any longer?


Some people DO NOT respect the blue areas. It is very very annoying when others are trying to study. I would suggest to get some type of email account where we can send a message, or somewhere that we can text message
the library staff so that they come and ask the noisy students to be quiet. It is very unconfortable to have to ask these people to be quiet because they
completely ignore the request. Thank you!


Kudos to the wonderful staff!  They acted swiftly and accordingly to a noise
complaint that was happening in a ‘Blue Zone’. It was very much appreciated


Another noise complaint! It seems even the library staff is getting in on the noisy habit. Staff should really set an example and not talk loudly in the
corridors. At the same time, I don’t blame them. They are outnumbered by a very noisy bunch of students. How can they work in this environment! I would go crazy myself. They are being contaminated by badly behaved
library users who don’t care that they are disturbing their neighbors.
I just don’t know what can be done other then plastering the whole library with soundproof material. Come on! Glass and concrete in a library. Long corridors where every conversation is echoed! Where is the wood that would help set a soothing environment?

Thanks for all your feedback.   Some of your comments  speak for themselves and require no reply. As for the questions about reporting problems or  gettting help in blue and orange zones, now might be a good time to repeat and update our answers.   

Staff  are still doing their daily walkabouts in the library to ensure that the noise and food policies are being respected.  It is always more difficult to attain levels of quiet on which all students can agree in the orange zones,  though we do regularly intervene when we see patrons eating food or groups of students talking at levels that could clearly bother their neighbours.

When difficulties arise in any zone, you can use our live chat service available via Ask a Librarian.   The idea of a dedicated text messaging option is worth considering though, especially since the repeated questions in our Suggestion Box about  this issue indicate that not everyone knows that the chat option can be used for such complaints.  In the meantime, you might also want to know that the chat software, available on both our regular web site and mobile site, is iPhone-compatible.

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