Viewing room in the Vanier Library

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I am disapointed with the recent transformation of the second floor media room (VL-203) into a group study room. I have used that room for study purposes for over 2 years now. It is a great room (quiet, large with access to computers) and it seems like a great waste to make it a group study room, when so many people like myself have relied on it for free study.  Please consider making it open to everyone again!

Thank you for your email.  I agree that it was nice to have that room as a computer lab.  However, the computers in VL 203 did not belong to the library but to IITS.  They were not being maintained and therefore users could not count on them to work well.  Since, generally speaking, the Vanier Library is quiet and spacious, it was felt that the room could be put to better use as a group study room.  We only have seven group study rooms at Loyola and students absolutely need more such spaces where they can discuss things.  In VL 203, with it’s large-screen TV,  they can also practice for presentations.  We have a similar room in the Webster Library and it is very well used.  You can see student response to that room here and here.

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