Group Study Rooms: Voices Carry

Two of you wrote about our group study rooms:

Although the Study Rooms are designated Blue Zones, individuals making use of these rooms  are often very loud and disruptive, both while making use of these rooms and while entering and exiting… I think there should be limits to how noisy people can be while using study rooms, as they are adjacent to other Blue Study spaces, and everyone can hear them.


Would it be possible to please sound proof the study rooms? I get so tired of working near them them and hearing their complete discussion and laughter. Especially if I’m in the graduate study room where it is nice and quiet and I hear all sorts of laughter from the adjoining wall. Plus it gets so annoying because they are located in the blue areas where it is complete silence and yet it’s not silent because there is noise from the study rooms. If I wanted to hear talking, I would study in the orange zones or a coffee shop.

Thanks for the feedback.  I wish I could offer a perfect solution to this vexing problem, but I have to admit that there simply isn’t one at the moment.  There are signs in the  group study rooms alerting students to the fact that the spaces are not soundproof and that conversations should be quiet.  Yet these rooms are the only areas  in the Libraries which have actually been designated for collaborative group work and talk, so maintaining acceptable levels of quiet can be a challenge.  If it weren’t for the current space constraints,  silent study areas would most likely not be adjacent to these naturally noisy rooms.  The inconvenience caused by this proximity will certainly be kept in mind in the Libraries’ ongoing space planning and noise-reduction efforts.

You might already know all about the blue zones which are situated at a better distance from those group study rooms, but I will point out a few just in case: the study hall on the 2nd [main] floor of Webster Library, just past the book drop and beside the stairs;  the blue zones on the 3rd floor of Webster, where there is a Viewing Room in one corner but no group study rooms;  the blue zones at Vanier Library, all of which are set further apart from the group study rooms.  You can always take a look at our study zone maps to find blue zones,  and at our at floor plans to locate the group study rooms. Be sure to stop by at a service desk if you need help deciphering the maps.

2 thoughts on “Group Study Rooms: Voices Carry

  1. Anonymous

    Unfortunately during midterms and the final exam period, I have found that many students in the orange zones of the Webster library move chairs around to the extent that some study spaces no longer have chairs. Is there any way to control this or to ensure that there are more chairs available to students so that study spaces do not lack chairs? Earlier this afternoon I found quite a few great study spots in the library, either individual desks (3rd floor Bishop side close to ladies washroom), or big tables that were completely available to use but without chairs (3rd and 4th floors Mackay side). A lot of those students who move chairs around in the orange zones with large tables are doing this so that they can sit 4-6 people per table. In these instances, they act like the library is a cafeteria and are noisy and disruptive to other students.This is a really aggravating situation, especially when students find themselves spending 10+ minutes looking for a study space once they get to the library. Thank you for taking this comment into consideration.

  2. Anonymous

    please get people to keep it down in the blue zones of the library. Some people can be really disruptive.

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