iPads & Laptops

A number of you have been writing in about our laptop and tablet loans. Here are some excerpts of your thoughts:

It is practically impossible to get hold of an iPad. A reservation system (like the one used for book loans) is very much needed.


Why is the library buying iPads when they’re not an academic tool? We need more laptops, I’ve had to wait in line for a laptop on many occasions because they’re so needed.  You can’t write an essay or assignment on an iPad “keyboard”, it just doesn’t work, so what’s the point? It doesn’t do anything a laptop doesn’t do, so it’s a downgrade for academics.


The iPad 3-day loan is a great idea, but there are only 20 of them in the SGW library. It would be great if we can at least either increase the amount of iPads or get more laptops and extend the loans to up to 3 days.


Students are currently unable to borrow laptops outside of the checkout desk’s hours. If there was a 24hr or 48hr option, students would greatly benefit from being able to work from home or their chosen study environment, and in the valuable hours of the evening…. The 3-day loan period [for the new iPads]  seems like a possible solution, except 20 glittery designer toys are hardly an appropriate response to the wordprocessing/moodle expectations put on a student body of 40,000.


Maybe the library should consider not to offer any chargers to students when
they borrow a laptop, but make sure the batteries are fully charged before lending them out. In this way, students will have a maxium 2~3 hrs’ usage. Thus, not only more students will have the chance to borrow a laptop during peak hours, but also, for those who already got one, he or she will be urged to do their work as quickly as possible, for the power is limited. This will greatly improve the students’ efficiency, and maybe less talking because everyone is busy.

Thank you for your varied comments!  A short survey asking iPad borrowers exactly how they used the tablet is being included with each loan of the device.   The results of this survey, along with all of your related contributions to the Suggestion Box, will be taken into account when our service teams sit down to evaluate the iPad pilot and to consider how to further develop both our tablet and laptop loaning services.  More comments are always welcome…

2 thoughts on “iPads & Laptops

  1. Anonymous

    The library has lent laptops without chargers before and it was not practical at all. The loan period was just too short and it increased the line-ups at the circulation desk. It also brought a huge physical toll on the staff. They are library workers, not equipment depot clerks nor computer technicians. As for the IPads… they are toys. I have been able to borrow one when they first came out and realized it is a folly for the library to have acquired such equipment. For all that matters it made me realize that for school work, a laptop or a desktop computer is still a much better tool. Kudos to the circulation staff and the library in general for offering such a service. I know it is hard work, but I really appreciate it since I have to share a computer at home with my siblings.

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