More study space needed

You wrote:

(concerning webster library) It would be great if there could be more study spaces available. For a school of almost 46 000, there just aren’t an adequate amount of places to work, particularly in the blue zone and study rooms, which are always booked solid. I’ll often find myself wandering three levels of the library without success of finding a free spot. It’s a problem that rolls around twice a year to the exasperation of all.  Working in a library is really important for promoting academic excellence since it’s one of the few places without any distractions and a purely work-oriented attitude. I know we’re a downtown campus and space will always be an issue, and I will in all likelihood have graduated before any possible changes happen, but this is a serious problem that I feel has a detrimental effect on Concordia’s quality as a university.

Thank you for your comment.  We certainly agree with you that there is a serious space shortage in the Concordia Libraries.  The Libraries are currently working on a space plan to alleviate the problem.  We are expecting to create more study space in time for the Fall 2012 semester.

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