Unattended belongings left at study tables

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Every single day of this week has been a nightmare finding a spot to study. Indeed people leave their belongings for hours on the tables, leaving them unatended and blocking the space.  I think it has more to do with people’s education rather than a lack of space in the SGW library. If all these people that block the spaces did not do so, there could be a flawless rotation of spots, making it EQUAL for all students.

Because of this lack of sense of community, education, or common sense (whatever you want to call it!), I suggest a rule warning students that by leaving their stuff unatended on tables,they aknowledge that anyone could take the seat and be free to use it as long as he or she is physically present.

If you think that you can educate these people and remind them that no matter how indidualistic our society is, we should all be aware that other people have the same needs as we do and that we should respect that, then you should really do so.  But please do something about this issue as it is a concern for the majority of students.


It seems to me that there is an epidemic of people forgetting their things in the library’s designated study areas, causing those desks to be utterly useless to individuals who are in need of them for to efficiently study. I would simply like to suggest that a security guard make the rounds of the study rooms, and upon seeing a study space which is obviously not being used by anyone and has forgotten book(s) upon it, to safely ensure that it gets placed in the lost-and-found. This would resolve two pressing issues: (i) the high volume of forgotten things accumulating in the study areas would be securely stored in the lost-and-found, and (ii) those desks would be returned to a state whereby individuals, whom are present in the study areas to study, could use them in the way they were intended.

Thank you for your comments and suggestions.  The Libraries’ Code of Conduct is very clear on this, “Users are asked not to occupy excessive space and not to leave personal effects unattended in the study areas, so that all can find a place to work in the library”.  If you will be leaving your table for more than a few minutes, please do not leave your belongings there.  We have limited space and it is not fair to others if you “reserve” a table.

4 thoughts on “Unattended belongings left at study tables

  1. Anonymous

    Cmon. That reply is meaningless. I absolutely agree with the above poster. You need ACTION on this issue, otherwise it won’t improve. Your reply here is of equal value to police trying to curb a speeding problem by placing an ad in the classifieds that it’s against the law.

  2. Anonymous

    I would just like to suggest to those whining about people keeping things at their table so nobody takes
    their seat while they go grab lunch – first come first serve. I live an hour commute from Concordia yet I
    still manage to get here at a reasonable hour to get a decent study spot. How is it fair that my spot gets
    taken when I only need to leave for half an hour so I can grab some sustenance? Sorry you can’t get here on
    time but that’s your problem, not ours. Find somewhere else to study or find a way to get here before it
    becomes crowded. A ‘security guard’ designated to remove items that are saving a space is a ridiculous
    waste of time.

  3. Anonymous

    Dude. If you work in a busy area, and you take your car out for half hour to drive somewhere to get “sustenance” or lunch, do you really think you get to keep your parking spot when you return?

    You might have came to work early and got a great spot, but that’s not how it works. You get a parking spot / a study spot when you use it. When you need to leave, you forfeit it. It’s called sharing.

  4. Anonymous

    To frustrated students I would offer my advice, for I too used to feel their pains until I decided to take action and responsibility into my own hands.
    If you see a table that is unoccupied by people, yet still has belongings strewn all over it, give that party five minutes. If they do not return within five minutes simply take their belongings and place them neatly in a pile by the wall or up against the end of a nearby bookshelf. Keep them in sight of the table and at a location you can simply point to, to inform the place-holders where their new-found storage space is. If they have a problem with this behaviour, remind them the library is a space for active-studying — not to be used as a storage locker while they go get a meal.

    On a similar note, it’s frustrating to still see students using group study rooms as a locker or storage room for their belongings, instead of actually using it to study.

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