“Bing” goes the elevator!

You wrote:

I agree that people with visual impairments need to know if they are going up or down. But is it possible to stop the “ding” on the elevators from the forth floor? People who take the elevator there perfectly know that it cannot go to any floors above. These elevators only go down…


Is it possible to make the sound of elevator in the library a little bit low? It is really annoying to me while I am studying at the library each time the sound (bing bing) hit in my head and I cannot focus while reading or studying.

Thank you for your comments.  This issue has been raised before in our Suggestion Box.  The sound you hear is at the lowest possible volume.  It allows people with visual disabilities to know that the elevator door is open, regardless of whether the lift is going up or down.

2 thoughts on ““Bing” goes the elevator!

  1. Anonymous

    You have got to be kidding me – complaining about the “bing” of an elevator? I feel what’s MORE important is the LOUDER noise of students socializing & talking on their cell phones, ignoring the “SILENCE” signs & the fact that students like me actually come here to study. A “bing” of an elevator does not bother me – it’s students who use the computers to waste time (and computer availability) watching TV shows or music videos blaring the sound so loud they can’t hear me when I am asking them to turn it down. Its students who literally walk around blabbing on their cell phones not having any idea what an “indoor” voice is (let alone realizing that this is a place meant for academic study & silence needs to be respected). It’s students socializing in large groups literally in front of the “SILENCE” signs. I conclude that students these days are arrogant & rude and have no respect for serious academic study. They use the library as a social club, not as a place to read in peace, attain knowledge, & actually do what we are supposed to be doing here at the library.

  2. Not important

    So it seems that for the few people who have a “visual impairment,” the rest of us have to desl with a Webster library that is an intolerable nuisance. Nobody checks IDs, which means students from UQAM, McGill, and UdeM use up our resources, crowding the whole place. Thieves can cone in more easily because no one checks IDs.

    The entrance on the 2nd floor has ghettoish overtones with that ridiculous gate that wrapped in duct tape! What on earth is that all about, with the gate slamming all day long?

    This place is so tolerant of and “nice” to the few that the many will eventually go some place else.

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