Random Script Flips

You wrote:

There is something odd happening to the library computers. They seem to randomly flip into Arabic script. The only way I have found to escape this is to shut it down (restart) the terminal. It happens at the 10 min computers and in LB 203. Is there a “quick-key” way to switch it back?

Thank you for the question. Though I’ve never heard of this happening randomly, it sounds like you are encountering computers on which the keyboard language has been switched.  As of last year, almost all library workstations now offer the following choices, in accordance with the language programs offered at Concordia:  English (Canada & U.S.), French (Canada), Arabic, Chinese, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Russian, Spanish.

If the script has changed and you are already logged onto the computer, you can simply click on the keyboard language icon at the bottom right of the computer task bar. If you are trying to log into the computer with your netname and the language has been set to a non-Roman script, you will indeed have to restart the computer. For those of you making use of one of those languages on our computers, try to remember to switch back to English before you log off – it will be much appreciated by your fellow students. Thanks!

One thought on “Random Script Flips

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve seen that too. Happens in the middle of working on a Word document and then it won’t stop! (even if you select back to english) you have to shut down and use a backup of the file.

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