Bring back key system for group study rooms

You wrote:

Hello library staff, i would like to suggest for the return of the key system for the study rooms having the ability to lock the room makes it eaier to safe guard our valuables please bring back the key system bck for the study rooms as soon as pssible

Thank you for your suggestion.  It has been passed on to the Libraries’ Administration.

3 thoughts on “Bring back key system for group study rooms

  1. Anonymous

    I disagree. Study rooms aren’t giant lockers. When space is in such short demand, if you need to leave, there’s no reason why someone else can’t use the room.

  2. Anonymous

    I also disagree!!! I see the rooms get used much more when they are not a hassle to book.

    I also agree with the previous comment that the request to use the room as a locker is the reason the doors should NOT be locked. If there are no group members in the room, then you should take your stuff with you and give the room to someone else!

  3. Anonymous

    Keep them unlocked!!! The university has a locker service to keep valuables safe. It is much more practical this way to use for short periods of time between bookings. Handy, when my study group needs to have a last minute meeting, even if it is for a short period of time.

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