Random Script Flips Revisited

A couple of weeks ago we recieved and posted a question about seemingly random keyboard language switches on some of the public computers at the libraries, asking if there was ‘quick-key’ to switch back to the original language. We recommended restarting the computer as the best solution when faced with this problem at the login screen, but have since received a comment that seems worth highlighting. You wrote:

You don’t have to restart the computer at all. The switch in language happens by people accidentally hitting Ctrl + Shift. When you see Arabic font, just hit Control + Shift a few times until English is back.

Thanks for the advice. This might well be a better solution for many students, just the ‘quick-key’ requested.  And on a related note: in the coming weeks you will likely notice that some of our pubic workstations have been identified as pilot stations for the testing of  our planned upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7. The keyboard language flip doesn’t occur on these stations, but you may well discover other small problems or anomalies. Please feel free to use the Suggestion Box to report any of these – we will be sure to pass them on to the Systems team.

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