Ideal book not on the shelf

You wrote:

I was doing some research on genocide prevention and found an ideal book which of course, was not on the shelf, though according to CLUES, it was. However, I found an online version that it would be great if you could add onto the library site for this book, as that saved me a lot of hassle. It’s called “Intervention to Stop Genocide and Mass Atrocities: International Norms
and U.S Policy” and the link is  Hope this can help someone else!

Thanks for letting us know about this. Doesn’t it feel like that is always the way? You find the perfect book, CLUES tells you “Availability: IN LIBRARY”, but when you go to find the item on the shelf  it isn’t there!  It’s nice to hear that in your case the publisher is actually offering a free version of this particular book online — a link to it has been added in CLUES as per your suggestion.

For anyone faced with a similar predicament, but without the good fortune of finding a legitimate version online, here are some tips that might help:

  1. Ask for assistance at the Information/Reference desk. Sometimes it turns out that the book is actually there on the shelf, and that you simply misunderstood what CLUES was trying to tell you. Librarians and staff at the Desk can let you know if that is the case.
  2. Look up the book in CLUES and use the online Request link to initiate a search and reserve the book for yourself if found. (Just don’t use a computer workstation from within the library in which the book belongs, as the Request link will not appear there. Any other computer will work, including your laptop, phone, or a library laptop.) I used the Request link to initiate a search for the book mentioned here, and it has now been declared MISSING in CLUES. In the coming weeks and months the book will be searched again several times, and if not found, declared LOST in CLUES.
  3. If the book you want does turn out to be missing or lost, you can request it from another library by using our InterLibrary Loans/COLOMBO form, or you can ask for a CREPUQ card at the Circulation desk and go borrow the book in person if it is available at another local library.

Hope some of this helps!

One thought on “Ideal book not on the shelf

  1. Anonymous

    check the book carts too, sometimes multiple people look at the book around the same time (we are all doing similar work when taking the same class) and it just hasn’t been re-shelved.

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