Fluctuation weather affects building temperature

You wrote:

Comment: I don’t know if it’s just me but I always find the Webster library to be very chilly. It’s starting to get warm outside and the clothes that go with that have left me freezing (and in the computer class no less!). Can you please turn down the a/c?

Thank you for your email.  Just a couple of days before you sent this to the Libraries’ Suggestion Box, the University Community received a message from the Customer Service Manager in Facilities Management.  He wrote that at this time of the year, with the weather fluctuating from one day to the other, it is difficult for the power plant personnel to maintain a stable temperature in some of our buildings.  They cannot run the heating system one day and the cooling system another day.  They will do their best to adjust the temperature to make it as comfortable as possible.

I suggest that the next time you feel it is very chilly or very warm, that you report this in person to the closest Library service point.  It is the only way that we can effectively handle the problem.

One thought on “Fluctuation weather affects building temperature

  1. Anonymous

    I appreciate the difficulties the facilities dept faces with Mtl’s bi-polar weather personality, it is a constant effort! It is generally too cool in that room, especially since computer use means little or no movement, it would be really nice if the thermostat for that room were set a little higher than for the other rooms. Perhaps one of the air vents could be closed?

    thank you!

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