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It would be convenient if the system could automatically pick a copy of a book available in the library corresponding to the circulation desk where the book is supposed to be held. For example, I requested a copy of a book to be held at the SGW circulation desk, and there are two copies available at Webster, but the system chose to assign me the Vanier copy. It is not very convenient, especially on weekends when there are no trucks going from Loyola to the downtown campus.

Thanks for the suggestion.  As you stated, currently if a book is requested through CLUES and there are copies available at each campus library, the copy on the campus specified as pick-up location will not automatically be the one chosen by the system.   It certainly would make sense for CLUES to assign copies of requested items in this way – a possible systems enhancement, though further investigation and testing would of course be necessary first.  On the whole, though, the problem you describe will not occur very often:  duplication of books between Webster and Vanier is quite rare, at least for newer items in the collection. Thanks again for bringing up this interesting point.

For more details about using the CLUES Request option, see our info page.

One thought on “Select Books Closer to Home

  1. Anonymous

    If the book you want is at the library whose circulation desk you can access, why are you requesting the book and not just going to get it off the shelf? I thought the request feature was for books which were at the library you cannot access.

    Editor’s note: You can use the request feature from home, or from anywhere on or off campus EXCEPT using omputer workstations at the library where the book you are requesting is shelved. The request option simply won’t appear on those particular workstations (though it will appear on library laptops and yours). Our info page should give you the details, or feel free to ask one of us.

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