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Please post something on the webpage explaining the new policy on IDs: is the ID requirement (for admission to the Webtser Library) a temporary measure or a permanent one? Is it possible to post something on the website to tell us WHY this measure was adopted? There are a lot of rumours… but I have not seen anything official on this new policy.

Thanks for your request. You are right, the What’s New information on  our web site needed some clarification.  Requiring Concordia IDs is not a new policy, it is a temporary measure until April 20,  aiming at ensuring maximum study space for Concordia students during the busiest part of exam time. We’ve tried to answer any lingering questions and make the information a bit more clear and friendly in our latest What’s New announcement  posted on the homepage.

2 thoughts on “Concordia IDs

  1. Anonymous

    Not a Suggestion, Just a Thank You.

    I often use the library computers and there are
    several people whom I know are not students who come
    in and use up terminals. At mid-term and final time
    this is really insulting, especially when you see
    students sitting in the “waiting chairs” or standing
    in lineups.

    Some of the non-students even go so far as to have
    business meetings at a terminal while the students
    around them repeatedly ask them to leave or stop
    talking. They don’t care and are often
    aggressive towards the students who speak up. When I
    have tried to tell the “speak to a librarian” chat, I
    have been ignored.

    Thanks to the new “ID Mandatory” policy, these people
    aren’t coming into the library and the terminals are
    now only being used by students.

    WOW! how amazing! I hope this policy continues. It may
    be annoying at first to remember to have your ID, but
    in the long run, it will teach people that Concordia
    is not a free net-cafe for anyone who has or knows
    someone’s (old) netname.

  2. Anonymous

    Yea, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been a vocal commenter on this blog about Concordia Libraries’ noise policies. Today, I really felt like I was in a university library. Security did their job at the door, I saw them make their rounds, and the library was overall quiet.

    This is a necessary investment, and thank you for demonstrating a commitment to new changes that might not please everyone, but is for the best.

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