Windows 7 Woes

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Just wanted to put it out there that the Windows 7 computers are quite slow to log in. They also appear to open to a different search engine, and the different configuration, although made to be more efficient, is not all that helpful IMO. I would like to say that it will just take an adjustment period, but we have been using this in my department lab for 8 months already and it just is not that much superior.

Thanks for your comment. It is especially useful to get feedback on Windows 7 during this pilot phase, while we test it (with Internet Explorer 9) on select workstations. Sorry to hear that you are not a fan so far.  According to our Manager of Information Systems, the slow login is a known issue, and our systems technicians are actively working towards decreasing the wait time.  The default search engine on Internet Explorer 9 is Bing instead of Google, but feel free to ignore this and use your Internet search tool of choice.

It looks like we’ll all have adjust sooner or later, as our systems manager also points out that Windows 7 is basically a more secure operating system, and that Microsoft will be discontinuing support for Windows XP in the near future. If there are any fans of Windows 7 out there, or if anyone is noticing important glitches in the new configuration, we’d love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Windows 7 Woes

  1. Anonymous

    Windows 7 is a massive improvement in ENCS computer labs. The default search engine can be changed. But also, use Firefox. IE is always the slow browser on any computer. Firefox has a higher market share, and is just generally much faster to use.

  2. Anonymous

    IE9 is actually the fastest browser out there, and more stable than chrome (it is also great for web standards, security, etc.) at any rate, I’m really grateful for windows seven and having a modern browser, despite the long start up time.

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