Tables and Chairs in the Lobby

You wrote:

What a great idea to place tables on the 2nd floor lobby at Webster! It adds more study space AND discourages people from talking on their cellphones there. Will they only be there for exam period, or can this be a permanent thing? (I hope it is the latter).

Thanks for your feedback. It’s good to hear that you appreciate this move. The addition of the tables and chairs was prompted by the exam time space crunch, but it is likely that they will remain there beyond the exam period.

1 thought on “Tables and Chairs in the Lobby

  1. Anonymous

    Actually, now that we’re at the height of the exam period, the noise level in the lobby has skyrocketed. I just went down there and it seriously felt like I was in a high school cafeteria. Did people not realize the whole library went blue for finals? Or do people just not care? Why isn’t the staff doing anything to silence people in the lobby?

    I thought this was a smart move too, but it’s not working all that well. If anything, the extra tables and chairs only encourage people to talk even more since nothing is being done to enforce the blue-zone rule.

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