Signing in First Thing

You wrote:

I always want to sign in first thing. How come we have to wait until we are in the middle of a function? Sometimes I have multiple pages open and forget which I’m signed in or not, going back and forth from Google… I would appreciate a sign in option on the heading along with the clues/keyword prompt.

Thanks for writing to us about this. It sounds like you are talking about the Login to MyCLUES function, but I may be misunderstanding.  There is a CLUES login button along the permanent header of our website, as shown here:

You are not the first to have asked for more obvious and upfront login options, so consider the feedback noted. Since much of our website and many of our CLUES search functions are free to all, however, we also try not to overemphasize the login aspect.

If you often switch back and forth between Google and library resources while working from home, you should also know about something we’ve mentioned once or twice before on this blog:  the Concordia Virtual Private Network (VPN). With the VPN installed,  you won’t be asked to login to MyCLUES to access most Concordia-only online resources such as e-journals and databases from home. And because the VPN allows your computer to be recognized as part of the Concordia University network, you can often even directly access the full text of online journal articles from Google or Google Scholar listings rather than having to open a new window or tab and go through the library web site.

The VPN software must be downloaded and configured on your computer, but that need only be done once, and step by step instructions are available. Feel free to write back to us if you were actually referring to something else,  or if you need more information about any of the above.

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