Your Take on Chairs

Some of you have had chairs on your mind lately. You wrote:

The Vanier library has recently gotten new white chairs for the computers. While things may look spiffy and matching, they really don’t fit the tables at all, making you have to strain to reach the keyboard (try it- the size difference is not natural and very uncondusive to working). I would have thought something as elementary as measuring the distance and actually trying out the chairs with the computer tables BEFORE buying the set, would have been done. I have been working here for only about half an hour, and already my back and shoulders are killing me. At least the other chairs (which were perfectly functional) were adjustable. This is unnecessary and frustrating- we would rather have old but functioning chairs, than fashionable but useless ones.


The new chairs placed on the first floor of Vanier library are a disgrace… terribly uncomfortable… I recognize the need to remove the wooden chairs as they were noisy but the grey fabric chairs were comfortable and excellent… myself and many others are extremely disappointed with the change to these new, cheap, uncomfortable, impractical chairs…the few grey chairs that remain in Vanier should not be removed but saved for those that want to be comfortable when studying.

Thanks for your comments about these two different sets of chairs at Vanier Library.  The new chairs in the computer classroom were tested before they were purchased.  During one month, students were asked to fill out a survey to evaluate a number of different chair samples in the library.  The chair models selected were those that were given the highest ratings in the approximately 100 student survey responses we received.  At the moment, however, there is a set of computer tables that are a bit higher than standard.  These will be adjusted during the summer.  In addition, we are considering purchasing chairs with adjustable height so that everyone can find one that fits.

The new chairs in the study areas on the first floor at Vanier replaced the older wooden chairs, which as some of you pointed out previously, were deemed creaky and uncomfortable.  The grey upholstered chairs you mention are still in the library, they were just moved to the second floor.

Since both long- and short-term renovation projects are planned for Concordia Libraries, we would like to hear from more of you:   What do you think about the chairs in the two libraries, and what would you consider both practical and comfortable in any new chairs that might be purchased for the study tables and computer workstations? Specific examples from other libraries or study spaces are welcome.

2 thoughts on “Your Take on Chairs

  1. Anonymous

    I liked the wooden chairs. For long term sitting, wood is more comfortable. If the chairs are still around, they can be repaired to lessen creaking, plastic is junk when it ages. Wood is a long term purchase and the chairs can be ‘updated’. I would love to help you fix them if that is an issue. They could be offered to some dept as a class project. Such as the FA dept doing something with the colour, and with minor instruction some students shown how to repair the creaking. Do we need to just toss everything as if it all had some dairy-product expiry date implied in its construction? Less consumption of furnishings means less waste, not less comfort.

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