Getting used to Windows 7 Start Menu

You wrote:

It’s great with the new system, but ridiculously hard to find ‘Word’ as there are so many options. Seeing as this is the program 98% of us use next to the Internet, this is a bit frustrating, to say the least.

Isn’t there any way you can have it amoung the top available options instead of fancy but useless things like ‘snipping tool’ and ‘sticky notes’? Thanks 🙂

Thank you for your suggestion.  I sympathize with your sentiment as I also am just starting to get used to working with Windows 7.  The good news is that once you become familiar with it, it is very easy to use.

Unlike previous versions of the Windows operating system, the newly designed start menu in Windows 7 is focused on searching for the target file, program, or folder.

So, in your case, by going into the search box of the start menu and starting to type “word”, MS Word 2010 appears almost instantaneously.

Thank you for writing to us.

One thought on “Getting used to Windows 7 Start Menu

  1. Library staff member

    Actually the snipping tool is very handy tool as it allows library staff, as well as computer users, with their permission, to take screenshots of technical problems. We can then send them to the library systems department so they can successfully resolve technical issues.

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