PIN for the self-checkout machines

You wrote:

I have never been so frustrated in my life trying to get a PIN to take out some library books. There is no link provided on the machine, and when I go to the Clues homepage, you don’t even put the proper link to set up a password for the automatic machine set up at the entrance of the Webster Library. Useless.

I am so sorry that you had such a frustrating experience.  You are correct in that there is no link on the self-checkout machine.  Our Systems people will look into it and see if it would be possible.  Also, the help screens that appear on the self-checkout screens need to be updated.

However, I just want to clarify that the “password” or PIN for the self-checkout machines is, in fact, the same PIN you use for MyCLUES.  You set this up by clicking on the *login to myclues* button. Login to MyCLUES

Complete instructions are at: .

I hope that this helps and that you will be able to use the self-checkout machines in the future.

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