“Scan and fix” pop up

You wrote:

I always work on documents that I’ve saved on my USB key, so wanted to bring to your attention the problematic message that all of the library computers have as default which recommends ‘scanning and fixing removable disk’. Don’t do this!!

I asked a technician at a copy centre, and he informed me that while doing such a scan indeed ‘cleans’ the key of ‘clutter’, it also helpfully ‘cleans’ away all saved documents!

It would be great if you could remove this from being the default option, as many a student is at risk of hsatily clicking the default first option of scanning, and then regretting it.

Thanks, and have a great summer!

Thank you for your question. I have checked with our Systems experts and they reassure me that “scan and fix” will not wipe the USB key, just repair corrupted data. The message will not pop up if users properly eject their USB keys.

Hope this makes sense and that it helps!

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