Library patrols every 15 minutes?

You wrote:

Please have someone from the library staff patrol the library every 15 minutes and kick out anyone who is talking. Every area of the library for some reason always has at least one group of people talking and disrupting everyone else who is trying to study quietly.

Thank you for your comment.  Soon, library staff will re-start its regular rounds through the library during the work day, to ensure that the Libraries’ Code of Conduct is respected and understood.  Unfortunately, walk-abouts every 15 minutes are simply not feasable or realistic.  However, the Libraries are working at long-term solutions to the noise problem.  You may have noticed that a significant proportion of the Webster collection has been transferred to the Vanier Library at Loyola.  This is to liberate some much-needed study space downtown.  Both libraries are in the planning stages for major redesign and reducing noise levels is a definite objective.

In the meantime, please remember that the library has two types of study zones: silent Blue Zones and quiet Orange Zones. Be sure to choose the area that works best for you. When problems arise:  talk to staff at one of our service desks or use Ask a Librarian to talk online with someone in real time.  After library service hours, you can also contact a security agent.

Let’s all work together to create an environment that is suited for academic work.

One thought on “Library patrols every 15 minutes?

  1. Anonymous

    Seriously why are student able to talk in the blue zone…there are like trillions of places on the first floor or in the university. It is totally annoying that (espacially in the new open blue zone) people tell you that they are allowed to talk because everyone else talk…PLEASE Library staff YOU NEED TO MAKE THE STUDENTS STOP TALKING IN THE BLUE OPEN ZONE… put someone to check every 15 minutes or 30 minutes because it is impossible for them to understand properly the BLUE ZONE even with a poster…PLEASE PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!People have been complaining and nothing has improved .

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