High demand for computers in the libraries

You wrote:

Why is the Lap top and the computer room closed for students who need to use?
The class should go to computer classroom, instead taking the computer room in the Library.   Also, I would like to suggest, you have a 10 minutes time limit for computers, maybe can also time limit to 2 hours for the other computers in the Library too.  This way, it really going to  circulate the turns for other students waiting for a computer!  Hope next time those classes in the computer room in the Library can go to computer labs in other building instead of using it in the Library. Library is  for everyone, especially for students who needed to do school works.

Thank you for your feedback.  The computer labs in both libraries are actually being used by librarians for library workshops.  That is the main purpose of those rooms.  When they are not needed for that, we open them up to students to use on their own.  These workshops and classes are part of the Libraries’ commitment to improving students’ skills and knowledge as it relates to
information research.

In both libraries we have several “express” workstations, that automatically time-out after 10 minutes. A two-hour limit on other computers would be extremely limiting to most students.  I am sure that you know that two hours go by very quickly when you are working on assignments.  The next time you need a computer and the labs are occupied, please consider borrowing a laptop from the Circulation Desk.  You can find out if any are available simply by visiting the Libraries’ homepage, http://library.concordia.ca/.  Earlier this fall we added there a box with “Laptop/Tablet Availability” information.

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