Frustrating signage

You wrote:

I often work on the third floor in the Webster library (which does NOT at all have enough computers to meet the demand) and wanted to make two suggestions in terms of signage:

– “please note these computers are prioritized for academic work and research. If you are planning on staying here for hours on end, watching foreign films on Youtube, buying on Ebay, and updating your Facebook account, please consider doing it elsewhere” as I am often waiting to do work while people are enjoying themselves for hours at a time.

– ****”during busy hours, please look to the line-up for computers PRIOR to sitting down, as there may be someone waiting there for a while you just waltz in and (selfishly) grab the recently made available computer”

PLEASE for everyone’s sanity, make the line-up sign BIGGER and CLEARER as I just had to confront a guy who just waltzed in and took the computer, while I had been waiting for over 20 minutes near the very UNvisible and non-descript sign. Many people just think students are sitting there to study and don’t make the connection with the computers. This is incredibly frustrating, so any form of remedy would be better than how it stands now.

Thank you for your message.  We will review the signage for that area.

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