Quiet please

You wrote:

I think that there should be more frequent circulation throughout the library to insure that everyone is respecting the QUIET aspect of being studying in a library. Very disruptive and it is hard to concentrate when each table around you is sharing stories about their weekend ….

Thank you for your email.  You sent us this message on Monday, Thanksgiving Day, when there was no staff to walkabout the library.  When there is no staff, please report this to the security agent.

I agree with you.  The library is supposed to be quiet, even in the orange zones.  Please refrain from unnecessary conversations.

2 thoughts on “Quiet please

  1. Anonymous

    Cell phone use in the bathroom is very annoying to me. I go to the bathroom and hope for a little break from my assignment or reading. Instead I have to hear someone on their cellphone thinking they are allowed to have elaborate phone conversations in the bathroom. Get these peons out asap.

  2. Anonymous

    Don’t be afraid to ask your fellow students to be quiet. It’s the library, they should know the noise rules.

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