Firefox and Chrome on Libraries’ workstations

You wrote:

Is there any possibility that Firefox can be installed on the computers? Many websites, including Moodle for academic quizzes, don’t work well with Internet Explorer.

Thank you for your suggestion. The Libraries’ Systems Office supports Internet Explorer as the default primary browser. Firefox or Google Chrome are available for download and can be installed by you, as you need them.  Please note that any software installed by users is unsupported and should only be used for testing and/or troubleshooting purposes.

Another thing you can do is contact one of our Ask a Librarian services for help.  Be sure to provide us with the course number that you are having trouble with.  It makes it easier for us to help you.

2 thoughts on “Firefox and Chrome on Libraries’ workstations

  1. libsuggestions Post author

    Thanks to suggestions like yours, we are pleased to announce that the Google Chrome web browser is now available on library express workstations at both Vanier and Webster Libraries as a pilot project. To launch Chrome, simply go to the Start Menu and search for “Chrome”.
    Please report any comments or suggestions about this pilot project to any library service desk or the Suggestion Box.

  2. Anonymous

    Why is it that only the express workstations have firefox/chrome? They should also be on every computers in the library. Internet explorer is incredibly slow. Same goes for windows 7. When I first started at concordia in 2009, it took less than 10 seconds to log into my account. Now since W7 is installed, it takes like 2 minutes to load!! This is not efficient at all, something needs to be done about this. thanks.

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