Libraries too warm for comfort

You wrote:

….  In Concordia, our library is always HOT. This is unfair for many students who find it very uncomfortable to study in the heat. Exam/Midterm pressure already can cause  one to break a sweat. For the warm-blooded student body (no pun intended)  midterm season can cause not only extreme discomfort, but maybe even dehydration.
In all seriousness, the libraries need certain designated COLD areas for all the tundra-babies. Level the playing field; tip the thermometer.

It can be challenging to regulate the temperature in large buildings such as the two libraries at Concordia.  Especially during times like this week when the outside temperature varies substantially from one day to the next.  Yesterday’s temperature reached 18º C, today it is only 9º C….

Furthermore, what is comfortable for one person may be too hot for another and too cold for someone else. Take a look at other comments we have received about the temperature in the Libraries.

I suggest that you dress in layers and bring a water bottle with you. The next time you feel it is very chilly or very warm, please report this in person to the closest library service point.  Thank you for writing.

One thought on “Libraries too warm for comfort

  1. Anonymous

    I have to disagree. I have always found the library to be very COLD, except in the group study rooms.

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