Software suggestions

You wrote:

could you also please install the followings?
– google drive
– linux (dual boot)

Thank you for your suggestions.  The Libraries’ Systems Office replied: 

We are currently not considering any of these changes, but here are some explanations and workarounds.

1. Google Drive: Google
Drive is an online service similar to Dropbox that allows users to store content
in the cloud and access it from anywhere. One of the features, like Dropbox, is
the ability to synchronize your “Drive” to your local computer for offline
access. Since our computers (aside from laptops) are always online, there is
little use to installing the software – users get almost all of the functionality using the web interface.

2. MATLAB: The Library does not currently have licensing for MATLAB. We suggest that you try Mathematica, which is installed on all of the Library’s workstations. The university has a site licence for Mathematica, and students can even download it for free from the MyConcordia portal under Personal Services > Mathematica. MATLAB is available in the ENCS labs for engineering and computer science students.

3. Linux dual boot: The Library currently only supports a Windows environment and there are no plans to implement a dual-boot solution, as the demand is incredibly small and the investment of resources into developing the necessary expertise is too high. Engineering and computer science students have access to a dual-boot environment in ENCS computer labs in the Hall and EV buildings. If you want to play around with Linux, there is a Live CD from (and several other distributions) that does not require installation.   The Linux live CD, can only be used on your own machine, either a laptop or a desktop. It doesn’t require installation but it does require rebooting the machine into Linux, which we do not support.

Hope this helps!

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