Computer labs in the Hall Building

You wrote:

I often go the the Hall-building and want to use the desk-top computers in the labs. However, I notice that this semester they are often closed for a large
portion of the day. For example, there will be a note that says, “The lab will be closed today from 8:30am until 6:00pm.

To me, the above seems rather excessive. Why bother call these rooms
computer labs if they will be closed majority of the time. Would it be possible to
make these rooms more available?

Indeed, there are computer labs in the Hall Building downtown.  However, they are not administered by the Libraries, they are administered by IITS.  I would guess, though, that the rooms are booked for classes and that is why they are not available on a drop-in basis.  If you would like to communicate your concerns to IITS, please refer to this page for contact information.

4 thoughts on “Computer labs in the Hall Building

  1. Anonymous

    The only lab that is on drop-in basis in the Hall Building is H-980. You will also find a debit card loader near-by (min. $5.00; you need to have already purchased the card elsewhere)

  2. Anonymous

    Addendum to my earlier comment: Location H-923 (PC’s) Teaching Lab is open to student use when not booked for courses. IITS must have made some changes due to high demand for access to specialized software not available on the libraries’ computers. See for information about software available and hours of operation.

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