Less garbage cans – more recycling bins

You wrote:

Regarding the Webster library, why did you remove the garbage cans from the study rooms especially from the areas both in and around graduate and regular study rooms? Recycling bins has also been removed. Until a week ago, we had garbage cans in the study rooms and recycling bins right next to the women’s washrooms. We want to keep a clean library therefore it seems strange to remove them from heavily concentrated areas.

Thank you for your question. We found that the small black garbage pails were often overflowing – litter, spilled coffee and pop on the floor, sometimes on the carpet, even under the stacks.  Custodial Services suggested that we remove these small catch-alls and replace them with “slims”, tall green bins.  They are usually in threes, one for empty containers, such as water bottles, one for paper, and one for garbage.   They are larger than the old garbage cans and make it easier for us to recycle, since there is no sorting involved.  Furthermore, nothing spills on to the floor, as these newer containers all have lids.  Staff has received comments on how much neater the Webster Library now looks.

Study rooms no longer have garbage pails because there should be no food in the rooms.  If students have paper to throw out, please use the closest recycling container when you leave the room.   Staff has been checking the study rooms early in the morning and so far, they appear to be neater than before.

This way of doing things lines up with the “modus operandi” of sustainability and getting away from the one “catch all” method.

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