Quiet please

In the month of December, several of you wrote to the Suggestion Box about noise in the Libraries.  Here is a sampling of what I received: 

I know exam time is always problematic at Concordia’s libraries. The libraries have definitely invested in improving the situation, but there still a lot that needs to be done….The signage doesn’t work. I had a student downtown tell me today that “I know this is a blue zone. But I want to talk to my friend for a bit. So go somewhere else.” Students don’t care. … Abolish the orange zones during exams. (This was done in April but not now.) Silent space is in need.  Space for talking is available everywhere.… Institute a 3-strikes policy. … Permit only Concordia students into the library at all times during exams. …


The honest truth is that there are some students who have zero understanding of library etiquette,particularly regarding the use of their cellphones.  Please can we officially establish a ban of cellphones for talking uses anywhere within the library….


Will the library consider instituting a permanent policy that during exam periods, only individuals with Concordia IDs are allowed to enter the library? The policy was definitely helpful and appreciated last April.

Once again, with exams in session, the libraries are packed and study space is hard to find. The library needs to ensure that priority goes to Concordia students and there really is no other way to do this.


It is unfair that I specifically come to the blue zone for a quiet study session, but I am unable to achieve this. Within the first 30 minutes of sitting down, two groups of people began talking (and continue to talk occasionally) and someone answered their phone.  Whispering isn’t  uncommon at all too – I thought these were activities to be conducted in the orange zone.   

I just want to point out that this is unfair.


The orange zones are far from being minimal conversation level and quiet place of study. Students talk, chat, eat, have loud conversations and lousy group work.

I would like to thank you for your emails.  I have read them all and I have forwarded each one to the Library Administration.  We are all very concerned about the noise level in the library and we are working hard to create a better study environment for all students.  I hope that you permit me to say that it is also up to students to ensure that the libraries are a place of quiet study.   Please be considerate and save your conversations for when you leave the Library.

One thought on “Quiet please

  1. C.

    Blue zone =
    A silent place for individual study
    No conversation
    No cellphone disturbance
    Library staff responsive to noise concerns

    None of this is in effect. Your posters are not working.

    Here’s what needs to happen:
    1) Concordia ID should be checked when students come in.

    2) Have someone circulate the library for noise levels.

    3) When a student is too noisy,they should be warned, but if the behaviour persists, their student IDs should be asked to be verified, to have their information taken down and put into a system, and then they should be asked to leave for the day. When a certain number of warnings have been issued, they should be banned from the library until the end of the semester.

    Hear the students out! When students ask others to keep noise levels down, all we get is attitude and if anything, the noise gets worse out of spite. When reporting to library staff, they have told that they cannot do anything. I have been told to tell security, and that the students will just get loud when they leave once again and that there is no point in wasting my time.

    If there is a consequence from an authority figure, then perhaps these inconsiderate and selfish people will be more careful.

    Enough is enough! I am entitled to having a healthy and respectful study environment.

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