Noisy loader in the Vanier Library

You wrote:

I am working in the Loyola library, and I cannot Begin to explain to you the excruciatingly annoying noise the copy card machine for printing makes- it  sounds like it’s screaming when a hapless student is just trying to print something (main floor). This is absolutely ridiculous not to mention frustrating beyond belief. The machines downtown are quiet- why must we suffer here?

If this simple thing could be looked into, we would be most grateful.

Thank you for your message.  I am assuming that you are referring to the DPrint Loader, that is situated next to the Circulation Desk at the Vanier Library.  You are right, the noises from that machine can be startling and annoying sometimes.  The machine beeps loudly when the user has not followed through in completing the transaction.

The downtown machines make the same noises as the ones at Loyola.  However, they are not in the Library!  That’s why you have not heard them.  🙂  We have had several complaints from downtown students because the old debit card dispenser was not in the Webster Library, but down on the main floor of the LB building.  I think that the occasional noise from the loader at the Vanier Library is a fair price to pay in order to have the convenience of the loader in the Library.

I suggest that you sit away from the DPrint Loader if its noises distract you.

2 thoughts on “Noisy loader in the Vanier Library

  1. Anonymous

    Please! Do not bring these machines into the Webster library. We already have too many noise issues as it is.

  2. Anonymous

    I have a little insight here… the “beeping” is to ask the person if they want a receipt, and it stops ONLY if the person clicks the “c” or another key to exit. Otherwise it goes on for what seems like an impossibly long time. But it does not tell you which key to click to (forgive my language) shut-it-up.

    The machine could be programmed to eliminate the beeping for the receipt. I know it can be done, I have worked with POS (point of sale) terminals, and although there is inertia among the people who make these things to make customer requested changes, they are very very possible. You just need to make a stand, and keep it. Tell them the beeping stops or the machines will be kicked out of the Loyola campus, and believe me, they will hear you.

    Most people don’t want the receipt, the machine can have a sign on it to tell those who do what they need to do, others don’t need to be inconvenienced.

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