Too noisy in the Libraries

A few of you wrote:

The library is too noisy…. What is the spirit of the concordia library? Cellphones and group work. It’s a social environment. Why? Why is the library advantaging group workers at the cost of students who work individually? It is unjust. … On the 3rd floor, the people using the computers are too noisy. It should be disallowed to be two users on one computer. I do not see the need for group work and communication in a blue zone. These computers are in an open area, and talking disturbs everyone around, including people sitting on the green seats in the middle. …


… I am strongly in favor of the three-strike against disrespectful people to have them expelled from the library. During exam time, this should be reduced to just one strike, then a ban. This could take the form of a monetary deposit, returned on exiting the place. Study spots are hard to find, and enforcing the rules very strictly will surely free up some seats for respectful persons. It may even be unnecessary to restrict entry to Concordia students only, considering how widespread noise issues are. Noise sources are multiple: laptop computers not set to “mute” before start, cell phone rings, people who drink and eat and chat in the library, etc. Even rows of quiet students tend to make, collectively, a good amount of background noise. But maybe not surprising is people tend to chat whenever they get on Facebook. In other words, spots are also occupied by people who don’t actually study, and just spend time on the Internet. There are plenty of coffee shops around Webster to relax, so my suggestion is Facebook should be blocked in the library. Especially during exam time, Ask A Librarian service hours should be extended, and an easy way to contact security should be provided, since it may be impractical to leave a spot with valuables to complain, then go back up. As a low-cost alternative, why not install lights on top of cubicles that could be seen through the surveillance cameras to spot any problematic area?


Some people like to talk on their cellphones on the stairs. The noise carries and it’s seriously disruptive. Yesterday some loud guy called about job interviews for an hour. Furthermore, noise levels are rising. Could there be some enforecement of the “blue zone silence” please? Some people just don’t get basic library etiquette.

As the term is going forward, the Libraries are becoming busier and busier.  Please be respectful of your classmates and keep noise down, throughout the Libraries. Thank you all for your emails.

One thought on “Too noisy in the Libraries

  1. Annoyed

    I think this should have said the Concordia cafe is becoming busier. We don’t have a library. A library enforces noise policies and implements consequences for offenders. A cafe asks people to keep it down if they’re noisy sometimes.

    It would be nice to have a school library though.

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