Difficult printing situation

You wrote:

I would like to commend the DPrint team for trying to provide us with fast and updated machines that can scan, print in color, and be accessible anywhere on campus. For that, we really do appreciate it. And everywhere else on campus, it seems to work very well.

But. The system is simply not functional in the library. Rather than alleviate stress as intended, it enhances it. The system is not user friendly nor self-evident in the least, the machines are balky and stubborn, consistently break down, have a ridiculous delay between print jobs, it takes forever to log in as the snazzy ‘swipe’ mechanism usually does not work, the machines log you out, and rather than tell you how much money you have left, it cheerfully churns out paper saying “lack of funds”. How is this sustainable?  How is this helpful?

I spend a good chunk of my time trying to help other hapless students struggling with the system. The back-logs are incredible, the line-ups snake up to the librarian’s desks, and the tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. People are panicking, and since that all the old but reliable machines have been removed, we have no alternative. The librarians are not well equipped to handle this, and in fact, have informed me that they are not even allowed to touch the machines, should there be a jam, or say, a need to fill up on the basics such as ink and paper which we desperately rely on. Instead, they are instructed to contact your team or IITS who, even if well-intentioned, will do nothing after hours, leaving us stranded.

On behalf of the Concordia student body, we implore you to address this. There should have been a pilot (actually, there was…) and have it test-driven by students. We stay hours on end in the library- we should not have to have our stress added upon due to printer malfunctioning.

Thank you for your email.  As far as I understand it, the system in the library is the same as it is elsewhere on campus.  I think that the situation may be more difficult in the Libraries, simply because we have many workstations and many students coming in at the same time.  Some printers seem to be getting line-ups while others are not used so much, because people do not know they are there.  Please take a look at this page on our website:  http://library.concordia.ca/services/computers/printing.php?guid=copierlocations .  It tells you where the printer/copiers are in the Libraries.  It also links to a listing of Dprint machines in other locations across campus. In the meantime, your comment will also be forwarded to the DPrint Team.

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