“Expired” pages

You wrote:

I’ve noticed that whenever I’m doing research and want to look at a past or forward searches on the library webpage, it never seems to work and says “webpage has expired”. This is really frustrating especially if you’d like to see a past search.

Thank you for pointing this out. I am assuming that this happens when you are searching in CLUES, the library catalogue. I’ve noticed it too and you’re right, it *is* frustrating! I have forwarded your comment to the Libraries’ CLUES Team. In the meantime, I suggest that rather than use your browser’s back button, you try using the navigation links within CLUES.

clues navigation

2 thoughts on ““Expired” pages

  1. Anonymous

    This is normal for many websites, to be honest. The way CLUES works is it submits a form when you click send, and when you use the browsers back button, the data submitted is “no longer there”. My suggestion to you is to right click links and click “Open in new tab”. This way, your searches are still there.

    The alternative is when you see page has expired, click “F5” or refresh. Sometimes it will ask if you want to resubmit your data. That sometimes works.

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