Student sets up FB page to support silence

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Please monitor the blue zones. The amount of people constantly talking is disturbing. I simply don’t understand why people come to the library to socialize. This is the only place where I’d expect a quiet place to study. Every day I have to tell people to go talk elsewhere, and I am tired of being polite with people who disrespect the rules in place.


The library is so noisy. students are constantly talking to their neighbours, talking on their cell phones and making noise in the blue zones. … What should I do?


The Webster library at Concordia used to be a great place to study up until a few years ago; now, however, it is anything but a quiet place it is meant to be.
There are a considerable number of people that have absolutely no respect for those who are there to get a few hours studying done; not only use of cell phones and talking out loud have become completely normal, but some idiots even play songs on their computers and bang on the wall like animals. I believe this is certainly not the first complaint regarding the noise issue, and I am positive that responsible personnel are doing everything possible to solve this problem…but enough is enough.



I am an undergraduate student in Political Science. Many students don’t respect silent study zones in the library and it can be very frustrating for other students.

I do understand that the funds for staff to enforce silence in the library might be lacking, so I thought that maybe students could participate in enforcing the silent rule of the blue zones. I created a Facebook page where students could join together so as to stand for these places to remain silent while they are present.

Could it be possible for you to advertise the Facebook page and invite students to join it. If not, do you have any other strategies to enforce the library rules?

Here is a link to the Facebook page:

If you have any request of change in order to promote it, it will be a pleasure to comply with your requests.

Thank you very much for taking this initiative.  As we continue to look for ways to improve the situation, it is good to see students also accepting some of the
responsibility in ensuring that the Libraries remain a place of serious study.

11 thoughts on “Student sets up FB page to support silence

  1. Anonymous

    What is the ilbrary doing right now to accept some responsibility for enforcing noise rules? Right now, it seems like you’ve given up. Staff don’t want to quiet people anymore and the signs are scattered at best.

    This is equivalent to Concordia putting up no cheating signs in exams and then deciding that the signs are enough. People should know not to cheat and there’s no need to enforce it.

  2. Krystal Mary ElHajj

    The library is loud and noisy beyond comprehension. In the Orange zone (quiet study/group work), people speak loudly/yell and when they do speak it is not school related. In the blue zone (silent study), people whisper/speak.
    The library is supposed to be a place of quiet/silence, not a meeting ground for students’ social life, and it’s extremely frustrating for students who cannot study at home, and the one location meant for studying is reminiscent of a high school cafeteria.
    I think these guidelines need to be enforced with actual consequences, such as after three warnings, a suspension from the library shall be handed. It is unfortunate that people seeking higher education require elementary school treatment.

  3. Anonymous

    Certainly, there are some students at blue zones that
    do not still know that they are becoming deaf. I do
    not care if they are finishing with their eardrums
    listening to music and videos too loud, but they are
    disturbing the peace in a place which use to be only
    to study. Personally, there is a guy who use to go to
    LB 203, and even if you ask him to turn down the sound,
    he completely ignore people around him. If someone from
    Staff comes and asks him to do it, he turns down the
    sound for a moment, and then, he starts again… It is
    Also, in the Graduate Study room LB 451, some deafs
    there, and it seems that they are not graduate
    students. Despite the fact that it is my last session,
    for people still there,I really would like if this
    situation improves. Thank you.

  4. Anonymous

    My comment on cheating was poorly explained.

    I meant that the University doesn’t just post signs that says “No cheating” and expect students to not cheat. They actively enforce it. Yes, it’s common sense not to cheat. But the reality is, without enforcement, the signs are meaningless.

    Same at the library. The library has completely stopped enforcing their noise rules. They have signage, but there are no rounds done by staff ever to keep the noise levels down. As a result, the library is noisier than many coffee shops.

    Students have a responsibility to keep it down. But until the library administration decides to enforce noise rules with tangible consequences, the libraries will remain nothing more than a farce.

  5. Anonymous

    I have checked the University’s student enrollment figures in Fact facts 2011-2012 and was surprised to see that a University with such a high enrollment only has two libraries.

  6. Anonymous

    More security circulation in the blue zones during the
    day would be great. People are always talking and
    eating and it is highly distracting.

  7. Anonymous

    Perhaps they should start charging an admission fee to the Library Social Club, maybe even serve drinks? Put in some funky lighting?

    It’s already a terrible place to study…

  8. Anonymous

    I understand that the orange zones in the library are
    for quiet study and not total silence, and that is why
    I like to sit there, I enjoy the hum around me, however
    I find between the hours of noon and 5 or 6pm the
    “quiet study” is as loud, if not louder, than a
    cafeteria. I find this very frustrating because it
    seems like library staff are coming around telling
    students off for having coffees and food in the
    library, but say nothing about the noise. I have often
    tried to ask the people around me to be quieter, but it
    only lasts for a couple minutes. I would appreciate it
    if library staff, as authority figures, could be more
    aware of noise control and ask students to use their
    “library” voices.

    Thank you for your help in this matter.

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