Open layout

You wrote:

I really love the openness of the 3rd floor with the big section of wooden blue zone tables. I’m glad that type of space was added because the individual cubicle desks tended to induce sleeping but were often the only option in the blue zones. The wooden chairs are very comfortable for me, too.

Thank you for your comments.  You may have read that the changes that were made to the 3rd floor of the Webster Library are temporary.  I will pass your comments to the renovation planners.

1 thought on “Open layout

  1. Anonymous

    After trying to study there, I gave up a few hours later. The open space plan, plus wooden chairs, plus hard floor are all conducive to this area being more noisy than a traditional orange zone. In fact, many coffee shopes around are quieter than this.

    If chairs can’t be readily replaced, can’t we at least return to a cubicle-based layout? This would discourage chatting.

    Putting plants between tables may also discourage talking.

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