Noise update

In early February, a student, unhappy with the noisy situation at the downtown library, started a Facebook group, in support of a silent library.  Many posted on the Facebook page and sent in comments to the Libraries Suggestion Box As of this morning, the FB group has 415 members.  One of them being Guylaine Beaudry, the Director of the Webster Library.  Ms. Beaudry has corresponded and met with the students.  Here is what she posted on the FB page late last week:

Message from Guylaine Beaudry, Director, Webster Library
Thank you all of you for your suggestions and comments on how to improve the quality of the study spaces in the Webster Library. The library, in collaboration with [two students] and CSU representatives serving on the Library Services Fund Committee, has taken the following two actions in response to your expressed needs. 1- As of Monday, March 18, and until the end of the semester, an extra security agent will patrol the Webster Library from 11:00 a.m. to 20:00 p.m., seven days/week, except over the Easter holiday .
2- In the library, you will soon see new signage prepared by [a student] to reinforce the message about silence in Blue Zones. We will assess these measures at the end of the semester. Please continue to use this Facebook Group page to share your thoughts!
You may also continue to send your suggestions to the Libraries’ Suggestion Box!

6 thoughts on “Noise update

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for the new security guard, he is really intimidating! and he really gets the job done. I would like to ask that he include room LB 203 to his rounds.

    When he goes through the other areas he really makes a difference, great initiative!

  2. Anonymous

    Good initiative on the security guard. However, there
    is still too many people answering their phones loudly
    all over the blue zones.

  3. Anonymous

    I have yet to see this guard patrolling in the blue zone on the 4th floor, near the starcases where noise is still a recurring issue.

  4. Anonymous

    can we take videos of people talking (with our cell phone, or tablets etc) and post them on the Facebook page?

    Maybe if their class-mates got a few laughs at their expense they would re-consider doing it… peer pression, social-faux-pas… shame is a valuable tool for learning social norms.

  5. Anonymous

    During the exam time there is no place in the blue
    zone. I found a place after 20 mins of searching.

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