High demand for lab space

You wrote:

I came to work in the small lab in Webster, and saw there was a sign saying there was a workshop to take place from 5:30-8:30. While that is normally fine, it was 6pm and there was a grand total of two students plus the librarian in the lab. This is really insane. This is wasting a potentially useful resource for those two. If at 6pm none other than two showed up how can you justify blocking it to the rest of us who need to work? It would be incredibly appreciated if there is found to be low attendance for workshops, to consider opening it to others, while  informing them of the potential distraction and to act responsibly and work quietly. Especially with it being a busy time of year, this seems selfish and incredibly frustrating.

Thank you for your comment.  Something similar was suggested earlier in the term.  You can see my response here.  In the plans for the Webster Library renovations, there are several small-group instruction rooms.

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