SPSS on Libraries’ laptops

You wrote:

….Computers and group work are both rising in university requirements. Instead of trying to stop the flow, we need to address the issue productively and find a way of funneling the students who need to work together on a terminal into an area where it does not bother other students.

for example, I am currently at one of the few terminals where the software SPSS can be accessed at the university, but it is on the LB’s 2nd floor (near the question desk). Shortly I will be joined by my “team mate” with whom I will be completing a joint assignment. I am one of those people who HATES it when
people talk (even the question desk irks me! -although I realize that is its function, and would not complain.) That said, I need to do this, I need my
team mate’s input, and this is the terminal with the software. I cannot install it onto a library laptop, and neither he, nor I have a laptop….

All the library laptops have the SPSS software installed.  A complete list of the software available on the Libraries’ desktops and laptops is available here.  If you borrow a library laptop and you stay on the University’s wifi system, you can use SPSS. If you need to talk with a classmate, you can move to any of the University’s public areas available to you.  Thank you for your question.

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