Wooden chairs

You wrote:

I know that this issue has been raised in the past but I would like to have updates on it: will there be anything happening regarding the wooden chairs of the blue zones downtown campus? It would be pointless to a certain extent to reinforce the silence policy here if nothing is done regarding the noise due to these chairs. Seriously, it is almost unbearable. These chairs make a lot of noise, despite little movement.  Can we please have updates on this matter? Is anything being done, if yes, for when will be the change?

….another thought: if there is a plan to change the wooden yellow chairs to help with the noise level, it would be beneficial to look into the blue color chairs
as students tend to sit for long periods of time and having comfortable chairs would help the focus and reduce pain. I myself have serious back pain when
sitting on high school kind chairs where there is little place for movement and the material on which we lay our weight it not the most comfortable, not
forgetting the discomfort in the legs and arms after a little while which requires from us distraction such as little walks in the library, snacks, watching a video
to forget the pain or virtual socialization.  Basically, the sofa/cushion type of material helps a lot! Thank you for considering my suggestion.

Thank you for your emails.  As you wrote, the subject of the wooden chairs has come up before.    You can read it all here.  The wooden chairs have been temporarily relocated to the Webster Library.  Once the library is renovated, in the next couple of years, the chairs will be gone.  No more squeaky chairs!

BTW, if you read all the comments that have been posted on this subject, you will see that some people like them!  Also, the Vanier Library had the chairs for many, many years and generally speaking, that library was always considered to be quiet, despite its chairs.  🙂

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