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Is it possible to do something about the students going to speak on their phones in the staircases? it’s like when they get there they just don’t care that they are
still technically in the library and talk for good 20 minutes on their phones with their outside voices.  Also some seem to think that the last staircase on the
3rd floor that goes no where is a new type of cafeteria and they sit there just talking amongst each other, taking a break from their studies, which I totally
understand, just go do it somewhere we won’t hear you.  If there could be more security on the 3rd floor it would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


I’m happy that the library is doing more to enforce silence in the blue zone but maybe post signs up that say even if your phone is on vibrate it still makes
noise and everyone in the surrounding area can hear it buzz or vibrate on the table. So far that seems to be the most annoying thing, people can easily put their phone on silent and have it on the table and they’ll see it light up and answer the message or whatever.

Thank you for your emails.  They are good reminders for all of us to exercise proper cell phone etiquette.  Emily Post was considered the ultimate expert on good manners and the Emily Post Institute has a page on the top ten cell phone manners.  Number 7 on the list reads,

Don’t make calls in a library, theater, church or from your table in a restaurant. Without exception, turn your device off in a house of worship, restaurant, or theater; during a meeting or presentation; or any time its use is likely to disturb others.

You can see the entire list here.

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