Friendly reminder not to leave your belongings unattended

You wrote:

Please start a campaign similar to this:

Particularly during exam period, I dozens of laptops unattended. It also baffles me when students ask complete strangers to watch their stuff. It’s unpleasant to lose a valuable. Maybe this would help.

Thank you very much for this reminder.  The Libraries do have signs that warn students not to leave their belongings unattended.  However it is always a good idea to be safe.  The University’s Security Department has a useful Tips page here.

3 thoughts on “Friendly reminder not to leave your belongings unattended

  1. Anonymous

    I often get asked to watch people’s stuff… and then sometimes they leave for so long I want to GO! and they are not back… one of these days the person will return and find that I am gone, and their stuff is gone… but not together 😉

    … maybe I should just leave their stuff with security and take off?

    or learn to “just say no”…

  2. Anonymous

    Happened to me as well. Being usually (too) nice when asked nicely, I may simply leave their stuff at the security guy’s desk. However most of them go out for a cigarette or washroom break, so usually no more than 15 min leave.

    On the other hand, it may be cumbersome at times to fold a laptop and unplug every peripheral connected, so although I never rely on anyone to watch my stuff, I do understand it is not always practical to take it at all times.

  3. Anonymous

    I warn them that I will only watch their stuff for a maximum of 10 (or x) minutes because I have to pay full attention to my work. After that, they are taking a chance that I might leave their stuff, either unattended or without my full attention. It’s still their stuff, I cannot be held liable for it. Any break longer then half an hour they should bring their stuff with them, the same as when leaving personal stuff at a workstation.

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