Seats at the express workstations and staplers

You wrote:

I wish you have bar stools for the l0 min computers. I am OLD and standing for 10 min hurts my legs.

Would you please chain a stabler to the leg of one of t he tables or chairs after the workers have left the library? Last night I had to submit my work to my professor. I found it inconvenient to leave my papers unstable in her mail box. She could mix up my papers.  Don’t expect me to carry a stable and other stationery around because they are too heavy and too expensive for a poor student.

Thank you.

Thank you for your email.  In the Webster Library, there are express workstations that are at a lower level and that have chairs.  If you have trouble standing for a certain period of time, please use them.  They are there for you.  At the Vanier Library, it is true that there are no seats available at the express workstations.  I have passed your suggestion to the Vanier Library Director.

As for the stapler….unfortunately, the stapler at the Webster Library has to be put away at the end of service hours because otherwise the stapler will be stolen or broken beyond repair.  This happens even when it is attached to the furniture. Nevertheless, I have passed your comment on to the Director of the Webster Library.

4 thoughts on “Seats at the express workstations and staplers

  1. R.

    Don’t forget that all the machines have built in staplers. Before sending your job, click “printer properties”, then choose 1 staple. It’s free and solves that problem.

  2. Anonymous

    I was also annoyed of having to look everywhere in the library for a stapler, until I realized there actually is an option to have your documents stapled automatically when you print them.This is truly awesome!! Perhaps someone from the library could upload a tutorial?

  3. Emmanuel

    What a sad state of affairs when people will steal or break staplers. Just like how gross the washrooms always are, people are really pathetic.

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